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Welcome to Lingua Vitae, Inc.

Lingua Vitae, Inc. is a dedicated language service provider (LSP) based in Chicago suburbs. Our story began in 2005 with the simple desire to help people build strong relationships, regardless of language or cultural differences. The translation industry was becoming stagnant and was missing the creativity and innovation needed to promote positive growth and connections. Today’s global marketplace has brought the demand for language services to an all-time high, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients cater their businesses to their international audience. We work closely with businesses of all shapes and sizes; many global brands you will know, and lots of great brands you might not. Our team lives for the challenge this business brings us every day, we love making the impossible happen and we’ve invested ourselves in creating a win-win organization — both for our clients and for our team.

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Lingua Vitae Inc. is an established translation company located in Skokie, IL. We are an active member of ATA (American Translators Association). Our client base includes a sizeable number of health-related (Pharmaceutical, CRO, Biotech etc.), financial companies, domestic and international corporations who rely on us for quality translations throughout the entire year on projects of all sizes. Our translators, proofreaders, bilingual editors, voice-overs, project managers take pride in the quality of their work. As a team they capture the flavor and style of your text, idiomatic expressions, retaining every subtlety and nuance of meaning, so your words communicate powerfully, successfully – in any language and the final translation communicates with the flair and professionalism of the original.


To be recognized as the highest quality, fast, accurate, and reliable, professional language translation service in a global market.

Entrust your international business communications to Lingua Vitae Inc. for maximum effectiveness. Lingua Vitae Inc. will work with you from the initial concept to the finished product.


Lingua Vitae Inc. offers a single professional source for all your language needs. Linked by uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction, our full spectrum of services includes:
• Translations
• Proofreading
• Editing
• Interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous)
• Recording
• Verification
• Testing
• Validation
• Language Consultation
…in over 100 languages and dialects

The Lingua Vitae team ensures precise translation, prompt turnaround of assignments and expertise in virtually any field, including medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, law, computer technology and finance.
Technical and linguistic accuracy of your translation is reviewed at every stage of the process. From translators with specialized knowledge of your field to bilingual proofreaders, editors, team members reflect Lingua Vitae’s dedication to quality.
On request, a notarized affidavit of accuracy will accompany each completed Lingua Vitae’s translation – your assurance of the highest standards in language services.

Some of Lingua Vitae’s most used languages…

• Afrikaans
• Arabic
• Bosnian
• Bulgarian
• Chinese Traditional
• Chinese Simplified
• Croatian
• Czech
• Danish
• Dutch
• Estonian
• Finnish
• Flemish
• French
• French Canadian
• French for Belgium
• German
• Greek
• Hebrew
• Hindi
• Hungarian
• Icelandic
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Latvian
• Lithuanian
• Norwegian
• Polish
• Portuguese for Portugal
• Portuguese for Brazil
• Romanian
• Russian
• Serbian
• Slovak
• Slovenian
• Spanish Castilian
• Spanish for North and South America
• Spanish for Argentina
• Swedish
• Tagalog (Pilipino)
• Taiwanese
• Thai
• Turkish
• Ukrainian